Filters are managed internally and can be enabled by your account manager. Filters allow you to refine the data returned in a specific search.

  • DisableFirstNameSynonymMatching: This filter enables exact name match on first name.
  • DisableSmartSearch: If smart search is enabled when we get a not hit we begin dropping off low.* value criteria in an attempt to get a hit.
  • IncludeEmptyFirstNameResults: This filter will remove results where a first name is not present.
  • IncludeSevenDigitPhoneNumbers: This filter will include phone numbers with no area code.
  • IncludeLowQualityAddresses: This filter will remove any addresses that do not come from a validated source
  • IncludeLatestRecordsOnly: When enabled the system will only provide the most recent phone/address record.
  • EnableRemoveSingleCharNames: Filters out first names that are only one character long
  • EnableExactFirstNameMatch: Filters out records where the first name is not an exact match
  • EnableExactLastNameMatch: Filters out records where the last name is not an exact match
  • DisablePartialDobs: Returns records with full DOB's only. Default behavior is to return full and partial DOB's 
  • DisableNoDobs: Returns records with full or partial DOB and filters out any records with no DOB. Default behavior is to return whatever is present in the data.