ID Verification

Corporations need a way to make sure they’re talking to the right people, and giving out information only to individuals who should actually have that information. Identity verification and authentication adds an additional layer of security to any corporation’s proceedings. That can make it easier for your business to function without fear of legal issues.


Pro Tip:

Each person result will have an "identityscore" out of 100

The "identityscore" is not a % of criteria matched it's an internal logic that creates a confidence score.

The "identityverified" flag indicates where identity was verified or not.


Please Note:

DevAPIIDVerification will be the search type in your request headers for "galaxy-search-type"

*1. Add your access profile, username, and search type to the request headers.**

  • galaxy-ap-name: [Access Profile Name]
  • galaxy-ap-password: [Access Profile Password]
  • galaxy-client-session-id: (Optional) Session ID for logging
  • galaxy-client-type: [Galaxy Client Type] (required for Javascript clients)
  • galaxy-search-type: [DevAPIIDVerification]

2. Add search criteria to your request. At least two are required: SSN, Name, Phone, Address or Email

            "FirstName": "",
            "MiddleName": "",
            "LastName": "",
            "Age": ,
            "Address": {

3. Submit your search.