OFAC Search (PRO)

The Prohibited Parties/Terrorist database includes information from government agencies which include data on individuals, companies, company-related and individual-related sanctions and infractions from the following agencies to comply with the Patriot Act:


Premium Data

To access this endpoint you need a Pro Account. If you are interested in upgrading your existing account, please visit endato.com/contact-sales/ If you do not have an account sign-up today.

1. Add your access profile, username, and search type to the request headers.


Please Note:

Ofac will be the search type in your request headers for "galaxy-search-type"

  • galaxy-ap-name: [Access Profile Name]
  • galaxy-ap-password: [Access Profile Password]
  • galaxy-client-session-id: (Optional) Session ID for logging
  • galaxy-client-type: [Galaxy Client Type] (required for Javascript clients)
  • galaxy-search-type: [Ofac]

2. Add search criteria to your request.

    "EntityName": "",
    "PersonName": "Eugene Palmer"
Please note: Supply a value for one, or the other, but not both.

3. Set the desired pagination rules

    "EntityName": "",
    "PersonName": "Eugene Palmer"
    "Includes": [
    "Page": 1,
    "ResultsPerPage": 20

4. Submit your search.