Address ID

Search by Address to find the top 6 people associated to an address. Pass a value for ExactMatch (Current Owner vs Current Resident) and get full contact info for every match.

1. Add your access profile, username, and search type to the request headers.


Please Note

'DevAPIAddressID' will be the search type in your request headers for "galaxy-search-type"

  • galaxy-ap-name: [Access Profile Name]
  • galaxy-ap-password: [Access Profile Password]
  • galaxy-client-session-id: (Optional) Session ID for logging
  • galaxy-client-type: [Galaxy Client Type] (required for Javascript clients)
  • galaxy-search-type: [DevAPIAddressID]

2. Add search criteria to your request.

            "addressLine1": "123 Fake St",
            "addressLine2": "Springfield, IL"

3. Submit your search.